Hailing from a city that sees very little snow—thankfully, because Seattle basically shuts down at the hint of a single snowflake—I can’t say that I’m used to actually following my workday routine when I wake up to white trees and gray, slushy streets. Apparently an inch or two of the good stuff isn’t enough to declare a city-wide snow day here in NYC.

HotC continued our obsession with the Modern format this week, helped along by the Twenty Sided Store’s decision to switch Tuesday Night Magic from Standard to Modern. Zac Clark dealt with the switch by digging through his collection to complete an American Midrange deck and reported on his performance. Our own Mattcaster Mage bought a zoo at the Philly PTQ, shared some sketches of his opponents, and made some disturbing Kiki-Pod combo sound effects. Jess Stirba explained the theoretical blueprint for a turn one kill (in Modern!), while Li Xu took the increased opportunity to try out Modern Gifts.

In other formats (yes, there are apparently formats other than Modern), Jess Stirba highlighted some Commander strategies for those time when you aren’t having fun, Hunter Slaton forced Dimir in order to take advantage of its currently under-drafted status, and guest author Jeremy Broomfield filed another draft report from Flagstaff.

Have an great weekend! See you on the other side.

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