The week that was:

Matt Jones attempted to crowdsource the redesign of the HotC site/logo—any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Rich Stein covered the new “You Make the Card” promotion and Jess Stirba posted part two of her Planeswalkers-in-EDH series.

On the Constructed front, Matt Jones ran Junk Reanimator through the MTGO gauntlet, while Li Xu dipped his toes in Legacy. Jess Stirba refined here Modern U/W list and Zac Clark attempted to break down the current Modern metagame.

Hunter Slaton detailed how he and other HotC writers prepared for this weekend’s GTC Sealed GP Pittsburgh. Giaco Furino laid bare his failings as a new (but improving!) Magic player in the draft format.

Have a great weekend and see you on the other side.

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