I don’t think it’s too self-congratulatory to say that the HotC writers knocked their respective balls out of the park this week. As one entirely-too-accurate spambot wrote to our own Hunter Slaton, “You’re an excessively skilled blogger”—and it hadn’t even read his GP Pittsburgh report, yet!

Alongside Hunter in Pittsburgh, Matt Jones came this close to his own Day Two glory but ended up force-crushing his deck, instead, and Jess Stirba took a broader look at the joys of attending Grand Prix.

Elsewhere, Rich Stein rocked Twitter with his PAX East/Theros teaser coverage, while Jess Stirba concluded her stellar rundown of planeswalkers in Commander. Matt Jones interviewed Chris Rahn for Arting Around, Li Xu made up with his old nemesis Sun Titan, and Zac Clark discussed the range of graveyard hate available in Standard. While you were asleep, Giaco Furino explored how dreaming about Magic doesn’t mean you’re crazy—only that your brain is learning behind your back.

Finally, I’d like to welcome Zach Barash and his Drawing Live column, which will focus on Magical education for the intermediate to advanced planeswalker.

Have a great weekend! See you on the other side.

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