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Grinding It Out

2014 Northeast Tournament Schedule: Part One

Tired of looking up tournaments one by one? Well don’t you worry! Monique did it for you and even put it in a nifty table.

Grinding It Out

Gift Ideas for the Competitive Player in Your Life

Monique dishes her picks of some must have holiday gifts for the competitive player.

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A Day in My Life: GP Toronto

Monique recounts her various experiences during her visit to GP Toronto.

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Exploring Theros Draft: UB Control

“Control SUCKS in this format.” Really? Monique would beg to differ.

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Grinding It Out

Exploring Theros Draft: BG Dredge

Monique reviews the key cards in her recent B/G graveyard deck in Theros Draft.

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How Do You Feel About Women In Magic?

Monique asks the question, “What are your first thoughts when a woman sits across from you at an event?”

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Exploring Theros Draft: UB Tempo

It’s been almost two weeks since Theros launched and boy is it getting a lot of praise. Most of the […]

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I Was, Am, And Will Always Be a Gamer

Anyone who has been an important part of my life will probably be able to associate me with whichever game […]

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Theros Instants and Flash Creatures

I have once again compiled a list of all of the instants and flash creatures in Theros. Enjoy!

Grinding It Out

2013 Northeast Tournament Schedule

To make things easier on everyone, I’ve compiled a large majority of this fall’s PTQs and other big tournaments in a comprehensive spreadsheet.

Grinding It Out

What Are Some Common Player Tells?

Monique digs into a question she’s been considering more and more lately.