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Drawing Live

Making the Unfortunate Adult Choice

No one writes about why *not* to attend a tournament. We assume everyone is about Magic first and foremost. Well, we don’t necessarily subscribe to that, and here’s why.

Drawing Live

Gender Representation in Zendikar

We did a statistical analysis of Battle for Zendikar and our findings were surprising. Why aren’t Zendikari women allowed to fight and die?

Drawing Live

We’re Not Going Back to Kamigawa

It’s that time of year where folks are clamoring for a Return to Kamigawa. We’re sorry to say it, but it’s just not going to happen (now), and here’s why.

Drawing Live

Turn Against the Hype

Turn Against is the brand new mythic uncommon Ray of Command we’ve all been waiting for! …right? No. Not exactly. Here’s why it’s good, but not insane.

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Drawing Live

Is Professional Magic still a Game?

Can Magic become a job? If so, are you still playing it? Can something be work and a game? And how can you use this to avoid burnout? It’s time for some soul-searching in this edition of Drawing Live.

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Hasty Spreadsheets and Phaser

Zach’s been busy, but he’s had enough time to design a digital game and analyse every BfZ common in time for the Community Cup. Check out the work, and perhaps add your own!

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What’s Old is New

As expected, Battle for Zendikar has reprints, but for the first time (in expert set history), these reprints have the same art. Why? Is this a good idea? Zach’s got the scoop.

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The Planeswalkers have Landed!

All three Battle for Zendikar planeswalkers have been revealed! How do they match up? Are they well designed? Do their flavor and mechanics fit? Zach’s here with an in-depth look at the new Gideon, Kiora, and Ob Nixilis.

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State of Planar Design 2015

This year’s State of Design highlighted both the strengths and flaws of Khans block. Wizards is moving away from a FEU mentality (F^$# Everything Up) and towards worlds that can sustain a Return To. Find out more inside!

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Eldritch Party Favors

The first crop of Battle for Zendikar spoilers is out, and on Zach’s birthday no less! It’s time to gush and speculate about an unknown Limited format.

Drawing Live

Magical Character

Games are not just for fun, they can be a means of self-expression. They let us relax and reveal ourselves. Here’re a few stories of just that.