My First Two Dragons Drafts

Hunter crushed his Dragons of Tarkir prerelease last weekend, and then split the difference on two drafts. Find out which deck went 0-3, and which went 3-0!

No Traction at GP Cleveland

Hunter fucked it all up at GP Cleveland last weekend—but he had fun anyway. Here’s his photo essay!

Reinforcing Not Being ROTTY

Hunter makes the right play in a Fate Reforged draft, gets punished badly for it—and commits to make the same play next time.

Filling Out My TPF Report

Hunter presents his financial tips for drafting old formats, and illustrates how fun it is with a sweet Time Spiral Block draft from last weekend.

Card Kingdom

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Environmental Factors in Magic

Hunter reflects on how environment affects his Magic gameplay—and checks in on his GP/PTQ win/loss record to see if he does better at premier events.

Negotiating With Terrorists

In which our hero experiences the very baddest of beats during a Fate Reforged draft: those that are self-inflicted.

Too Much Salt

Hunter’s been feeling extra salty lately while playing Magic: The Gathering—and he doesn’t like it.

Smashing Face in Fate Reforged Limited

Hunter’s been having some good success with smashy draft decks and grindy sealed decks in this young Fate Reforged Limited environment.

+1/+1 Shenanigans at the Fate Reforged Prerelease

Hunter rode a strong Abzan deck to a 3-1 record last weekend at the Fate Reforged prerelease.

13 First-Pick Commons in Fate Reforged

Hunter’s got the read on the best commons in all colors for this weekend’s Fate Reforged prerelease.

That Was the Worst PPTQ Ever!*

*But not for Hugh “You Know Nothing of My Work” Kramer, and through no fault of fine T.O. The Uncommons!