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Ensnaring Cambridge

Tempest Remastered Draft #1

Shawn gives Tempest Remastered a try and breaks down his picks and matches.

What We Learned

Cashing Out in Atlantic City

This week I talk about the long process and emotional ride of cashing out my Magic collection

Counting to 20


A dramatic final to a PTQ turns into a dramatic judge call, as evidence points to foul play. But is it conclusive?

None Shall Pass Bombs

Garbage State

Carrie had a garbage pool at Grand Prix Atlantic City, but the reasons why tell a lot about sealed as a format.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Ensnaring Cambridge

The GPT at Excelsior Comics

Shawn recounts his experience winning a very strange GPT at Excelsior Comics in Maynard, MA.

Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Story Time—GP AC

Papa Longo takes you down the shore to Grand Prix Atlantic City.

What We Learned

Modern Masters Roulette

Last week Wizards unveiled the entire Modern Masters 2015 set and it looks like you might be better off gambling your $10/pack on something else in Vegas.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Dragons Sealed Primer

Carrie provides a primer on Dragons of Tarkir sealed before Grand Prix Atlantic City.

Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Bromoka

Papa Longo is back after the Shogun sent his ninja spies after him. They were supposed to kill him, but they didn’t.

What We Learned


Scouting has recently come to the forefront of the collective consciousness of the Magic community. What is it and who’s talking about it?

None Shall Pass Bombs

What Decks Need

Carrie evaluates draft decks based on the cards they need.