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Drawing Live

No More Modern, Again

Two years ago, they tried and failed to remove the Modern Pro Tour. Will the decision stick this time?

Modern Institute of Technology

Week Two, Post B&R

Shawn discusses the results from last weekend’s SCG Modern Classic.

Modern Institute of Technology

Week One, Post B&R

Shawn breaks down the results of the SCG Baltimore Modern Classic.

What We Learned


This week we talk about the rotation of the Modern and Standard formats and their impact on the wider community

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Hope Eternal

Modern Shake-ups

This week Kate discusses the Modern bannings and unbannings.

Developments in Durdling

Keep on Giving

Zac Clark can’t wait to unleash another broken combo into Modern.

Modern Institute of Technology

Eyes, Visions, and Swords

Shawn discusses the recent B&R Announcement which saw the banning of Eye of Ugin and the unbanning of Sword of the Meek and Ancestral Vision.

Drawing Live

Visions of the Meek

In case you didn’t know, there was some pretty big bannings and unbannings yesterday. Here’s the lowdown and a new Modern Jeskai control deck!

Modern Institute of Technology

Old Time Favorites

This week Guest Author Aaron Gazzaniga writes for MIT to discuss some old favorites.

Modern Institute of Technology

Previewing the Modern Bannings

This week we check-in with our spies at Wizards of the Coast who may have secured a secret document previewing the SOI Modern bannings.

Hope Eternal

Standard Temptations

This week Kate talks about Spoiler season temptations.