It’s the end of the year and that means it’s time to reflect on the past and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. This week we’ve given our writers the week off to be with their families and enjoy the holidays while we (mostly) run a top-ten countdown of our most popular non-news articles of the year. We’re also giving our newsletter team the week off but they’ll be back, and better than ever, the first week of January. For now, enjoy the countdown!

#10 Announcing Magic: the Gathering In Miniature by Donny Caltrider

We kick things off with Donny‘s announcement of a gallery he is guest-curating in January. This gallery will feature artwork on a medium exclusive to the Magic community: artist proofs.

#9 Top 10 Pieces of Magic Art on Unplayable Cards by Travis Norman

This article originally ran as part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration as one of numerous top 10 lists our content manager commissioned. Travis, who is also our Senior Editor, knocked this one out of the park.

#8 The Brothers’ War Limited Primer by Luka Sharaska

Luka is one of the newest contributors at Hipsters of the Coast but made a huge splash and will be back here again tomorrow with another featured article. Expect many more limited primers in 2023 from Luka!

That’s all for today, make sure you check back tomorrow for the continued countdown, and for an introduction to the Magic Arena 2022 Decathlon!

Rich Stein (he/him) has been playing Magic since 1995 when he and his brother opened their first packs of Ice Age and thought Jester’s Cap was the coolest thing ever. Since then his greatest accomplishments in Magic have been the one time he beat Darwin Kastle at a Time Spiral sealed Grand Prix and the time Jon Finkel blocked him on Twitter.

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