Hey Readers! Giaco here, Scrub Emeritus and editor of the Scrub Report! We’re looking for new writers to take on a four-week/four-article guest spot for Scrub Report. Are you new to the game? Do you know someone who is? Have you just gotten back into the game after years away? If so, we want to hear from you!

We’re always trying to tell a story that represents the vastness of the MTG community. Don’t feel like your story’s been told enough? Then come write for us! Wish your experience were better represented in MTG Journalism? Then come write for us! Have a cool story to tell, beyond the average “I cast X and my opponent responded…”? Then come write for us!

I’m looking for new, interesting, exciting, different, MTG stories. So if you want to write for Hipsters of the Coast send a letter of interest (and writing samples if you’ve got them!) to: [email protected]

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