Magic Pro Tour Database (July 29)

So here we are. It’s been awhile since we presented our Top 100 Professional MTG Player rankings. The immediate response […]

Control Freak

I’m contractually obliged by my megalomania counselor and the plane of Dominaria to talk about the two decks I’ve narrowed down for Antwerp’s upcoming Modern GP.

Lost Cities

Last week I was away in Tulum, Mexico, with my fiance Kim—and Magic is not her game.

The Scrub Report—In Which I Do Not Play Magic Because I Just Got a Kitten

I tried to teach my new baby kitten, named Sneakers, how to play Magic this weekend. It didn’t work out great.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Only Built 4 Cubin’ Lynx—Dat MODO Tho

In this week’s exciting episode of Only Built 4 Cubin’ Lynx, I decided to post three recent punted MODO cube drafts.

Getting Back in Touch With the Evil

The Star City Games New Jersey Open is upon us… yep, I guess you can say I failed in my […]

Azorius Midrange

Welcome to Hipsters’ newest columnist, Cambridge Magic player Shawn Massak!

What Are The Most Annoying Magic Habits?

For the past week I’ve been out on the mean streets of New York asking MTG-ers a very simple question: What ticks you off?

Living in the Moment

On Saturday, we had our first peek at Theros. I’m more excited about Theros than I have been about any […]

M14 Mythics That May See Play, Part One

So, M14 is out, and we’ve had some time to marinate with it. Or at least play with it once, […]

Back in the Saddle

Part of my weeks long frustrations with Magic has been the amount of travel I’ve been doing whilst needing time […]