The Delver Colors That Weren’t

Evil Tim went and did the most evil thing he could do for Legacy: attempt to brew more Delver decks!

Journey into Journey into Nyx

Brendan shares his insight from a week of drafting the new set!

Journey into Nyx Financial Specs

Shawn shares his Journey into Nyx speculation targets.

Third Time’s the Charm

Journey into Nyx may have just solved the ‘third set problem.’ Here’s what the problem is and why it’s a significant achievement.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

The Casual Cards That Aren’t

Jess wonders who likes Dictate of Erebos and its supposedly casual-focused friends.

Theros Demographics

Looking through the artwork of Theros we break down the demographics of the plane.

Picking a Deck

Zac Clark looks into what goes into picking a deck.

Brewing with the Dack

Evil Tim has some first drafts of potential Dack-based lists.

Beyond Bread

Tony discusses drafting, improving as a player, and moving beyond tasty, tasty tenets of BREAD.

Gamers Helping Gamers—Charity Tournament!

Join Gamers Helping Gamers—and Hall of Famer Jon Finkel!—for a charity Standard tournament this Saturday at Brooklyn Game Lab.

A Team Grows in Brooklyn

Brendan reflects on the success of Team Draft League and its members.