Ensnaring Cambridge

The Case for Black-White in M15 Limited

Shawn examines Black-White Aggro as a potential archetype for M15 Limited.

M15 Draft #2 (Video)

Shawn plays through a M15 Swiss queue on MTGO to familiarize himself with the format. Does his prediction of a 2-1 deck hold up?

M15 Draft #1 (Video)

Shawn plays through a M15 draft online for the first time with the new client.

Vigor and Bloom at GP Worcester 2014

Shawn discusses playing Amulet of Vigor at GP Worcester-Boston and why the deck might be a good metagame choice moving forward.

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Harnessing the Amulet

Shawn has less than a week to learn how to play Amulet of Vigor in Modern… And also finish building the deck.

The Modern Condition

Shawn discusses a few “unfair” decks to potentially play at GP Worcester/Boston.

Two-Headed Giant at SCG Worcester

Shawn and Erica, Team Tunnel Ignus, play in a really weird Two-Headed Giant event at SCG Worcester.

Vintage Masters Draft #2 (Video)

Shawn forces RW Slide in Vintage Masters and never sees Astral Slide or Lightning Rift. Can this draft be salvaged? Watch to find out.

A Journey to Knight Moves

Shawn checks out Knight Moves, a board game cafe in Brookline, and jams a Theros Block Draft.

Vintage Masters Draft Video

Shawn forces himself to stay open and not play storm in a Vintage Masters Draft. Stay tuned for a totally reasonable Draft.

Collaborating and Conspiring

Shawn shares his experiences drafting Conspiracy with quite the interesting crew of people.