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Leaving a Legacy

Jerry Returns from Mythic Championship IV Barcelona

Jerry makes his triumphant return to the cast.

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy Open IV Winner Meritt Elmasri

Meritt Elmasri, winner of the Leaving a Legacy Open IV, joins the cast.

Leaving a Legacy

The Leaving a Legacy Open IV Recap

Zac Turgeon fills in for Jerry and talks the LaL Open and London Mulligan.

Leaving a Legacy

Tony Scapone

Local Legacy streamer Tony Scapone joins the cast.

Card Kingdom

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Leaving a Legacy

The History of Legacy: Combo Decks

Adam Barnello on to continue the series on the History of Legacy.

Leaving a Legacy

Gavin’s Christmas in July!

Gavin returns to the cast.

Leaving a Legacy

Jack Kitchen

Jack Kitchen chats about his favorite Legacy deck, Imperial Painter.

Leaving a Legacy

This and That

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Leaving a Legacy

Rugved Karhade

Rugved Karhade joins the cast to chat about Legacy and brewing with Dreadhorde Arcanist.

Legacy Hero

The London Mulligan with Anuraag Das

Plus MTGO League changes and the esports bubble.

Leaving a Legacy

Michael Mapson

It’s been too long since Michael last joined the cast.