Pat Euglow

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Leaving a Legacy

The One Hitter

Pat flies solo this week.

Leaving a Legacy

Bryant Cook Returns

Jerry and Patrick sit down with the one and only Bryant Cook.

Leaving a Legacy

JMee3 Meets ELD

Jerry sits down with Eric Dupuis, owner of Time Vault Games in Bellingham, MA!

Leaving a Legacy

LewisCBR Returns!

Patrick and Jerry sit down to chat about the Legacy Format Finals, the expected metagame, and more!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Leaving a Legacy

Bologna Sandwich

Jerry and Patrick discuss GP Bologna.

Leaving a Legacy

The Legacy Pit

Travis from The Legacy Pit joins the cast.

Leaving a Legacy

He Was a L0am3rb0i

Connor Folse joins the cast to chat about the newest innovations of his favorite decks.

Leaving a Legacy

GFY W6 & Content Creation Q&A

Goodbye, Wrenn and Six!

Leaving a Legacy

Chase “Stryfo” Hansen

The guys chat about the Stryfo Pile, where Legacy is at, the reduction in Legacy support from SCG, and more!

Leaving a Legacy

Eternal Weekend 2019 Recap

Jerry and Patrick break down the Top 8 of Eternal Weekend.

Leaving a Legacy

LaL Open V Winner DNsolver

Zac steps in for Jerry as we talk to Curtis Doiron (DNsolver) about his win at the LaL Open V.