Pat Euglow

Staff Writter


Leaving a Legacy

Roland Chang Returns with MTGPO

Roland Chang on to discuss the newest craze in our world of social distancing—Magic: the Gathering Paper Online!

Leaving a Legacy

The Atog Lord Returns!

This week we have Dr. Rich Shay on the cast to chat about Legacy.

Leaving a Legacy

From the Vault: Memoirs of a Tundra Mage

Gremlins ate this week’s tapes, so enjoy one of the crew’s classic episodes.

Leaving a Legacy

You Me and Iowa

This week we chat with Tony Benedetti (YouMeandIowa on MTGO) about his newest deck.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Leaving a Legacy

No Magic, All Gathering

Jerry and Patrick welcome Ian and Tom from The Dead Format.

Leaving a Legacy

Bullets and Beans

Jerry and Patrick sit down with Jordan Aisaka.

Leaving a Legacy

The Home Stretch

Jerry and Patrick circle the wagons to talk Legacy for some one on one on one (that’s you!).

Leaving a Legacy

Dan Holland Returns

Jerry and Patrick sit down with Dan Holland and chat about machine learning.

Leaving a Legacy

Jeremy Aaranson & the 20K!

Jerry and Patrick sit down with our favorite TO from Missouri.

Leaving a Legacy

No Fear Freya

Jerry and Patrick sit down and chat with Lands master Freya Sanford.

Leaving a Legacy

77 Seconds to Midnight

Jerry and Patrick sit down with perennial 5-0 trophy winner Tom Hepp.