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Leaving a Legacy

Steakreon with Gavin Verhey

Jerry and Patrick sit down for a great conversation with Gavin Verhey, known powerful Wizard and WOTC Magic designer.

Leaving a Legacy

What Is Popeye Stompy?

Jerry and Patrick discuss the new deck that has Legacy players in hysterics.

Leaving a Legacy

Meet Sam Tang of Kitchen Table Magic

Jerry and Patrick sit down with podcaster and YouTuber (and Hipster!) Sam Tang.

Leaving a Legacy

Erin Campbell Returns!

Jerry and Patrick sit down with Dredge Queen and veteran podcaster Erin Campbell.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Leaving a Legacy

Hascon Recap

​Check out Jerry, Patrick, Aaron, and Kate as they recap the first ever HasCon event!

Leaving a Legacy

Mee and Yu

Jerry sits down with Jarvis Yu, Silver level Pro and Legacy specialist.

Leaving a Legacy

On The Move

Jerry records in a car and Patrick rants about bad branding!

Leaving a Legacy

HasCon Prep and More

Jerry and Patrick discuss their latest stream, plans for HASCON, and more!

Leaving a Legacy


Jerry and Patrick sit down with Boston-area judges and organizers, Judge Gil.

Leaving a Legacy

TES with Bryant Cook

Pat and Jerry pick the brain of TES innovator Bryant Cook.

Leaving a Legacy

The Whole Gang Is Here

Jerry and Patrick, and a bevy of cohosts discuss the SCG Classic, the TJ’s Titanium Series, and more!