Pat Euglow

Staff Writter


Leaving a Legacy

Tom Hepp Returns, Again!

Pat and Jerry sit down with their favorite Phyrexian, Tom Hepp!

Leaving a Legacy

Ink and Whisky Wells

Join Pat and Jerry as they take a trip down memory lane and visit some of Magic’s most iconic art!

Leaving a Legacy

M21 Spoilers

Jerry and Patrick look over the existing M21 spoilers and see what’s got a chance of impacting their favorite format.

Leaving a Legacy

LaL Retrospective with Connor Haley

Connor Haley joins the cast to turn the tables and ask Pat and Jerry questions!

Card Kingdom

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Leaving a Legacy

The Meme Dream with Alex and Kyle

Pat and Jerry sit down with Alex Gardner and Kyle Moran to discuss a deck near and dear to their hearts, Worldgorger Combo!

Leaving a Legacy

Romario Neto!

This week Jerry and Patrick chat with Romario Neto and the scourge that is Arcum’s Astrolabe!

Leaving a Legacy

Tim Schulz and the Legacy Double Dash

Tim Schulz talks about the Legacy Double Dash and his efforts to keep pumping out some amazing Legacy streaming content. 

Leaving a Legacy


Norway’s own MatsOle joins the cast to chat Legacy.

Leaving a Legacy

Meme Master Jasper Burch

This week we have our resident meme machine Jasper Burch on to talk Legacy!

Leaving a Legacy

The Companion Problem

Pat and Jerry sit down with Zac Turgeon and discuss the newest invasion into the Legacy format—Companions

Leaving a Legacy

Wilson Hunter Returns!

Pat and Jerry welcome Wilson Hunter back to the cast.