Leaving a Legacy

White-Bordered World with Jordan Aisaka

Pat and Jerry catch up with one of their favorite guests, Jordan Aisaka.

The Wallameta

Jerry and Pat chat spoilers and Challenge results!

Jordan Woosley

This week we sit down with Jordan Woosley and chat about the format.

World of Hurt

Jerry and Pat welcome to the cast the one and only Eric Vergo to talk about Wizards’ decision to cut World’s prize payout by $750,000!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Wrong Side of the Docks

This week Jerry invites local legacy aficionado D.J. Seco on the cast to go over their first paper FNM in over a year!

Just Mee!

This week Jerry runs a solo show going through listener mailbag and the Legacy Challenge Top 32.

Ragavan Redeemed with Rich Cali

Modern Horizons 2 has shaken up the legacy metagame.

Buy the Dip

This week Pat and Jerry discuss the Modern Horizon 2 spoilers.

Bryant Claus is Coming to Town

Jerry and Patrick sit down with the one and only Bryant Cook.

History of Legacy: A Time Before Delver

This week Jerry and Pat welcome back on Legacy Historian Adam Barnello!

Jordan Mellor & MTG Paper Legacy

Jordan Mellor, Magic Judge and one of the mods behind the MTG Paper Legacy Discord server, joins the cast.