Leaving a Legacy

Legacy Maverick with @the8bitcasual

The holiday raffles have started on the LaL Facebook page! All proceeds are benefiting Room to Grow.

Dice City with Jimmy Cooney!

Pat and Jerry sit down with the owner of Dice City Games, Jimmy Cooney.

Commander Legends Spoilers and More

This week, Pat and Jerry do a cursory stroll through some spoilers.

So What If It’s Short

Pat flies solo for a mini episode.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Eternal Weekend Recap

Instead of having one Top 8 competitor from Eternal Weekend, we decided to get as many as we could fit on a Zoom call!

The Soggy Bottom Boyz

Eliot Witten joins the cast to discuss his Brainstorm Goblins brew.

Jerry Breaks a World Record

Jerry and Patrick take a look at decks that have topped the latest leagues and challenges.

Das Beej

The Biscuit Jesus joins the cast to discuss his work with WoTC streaming production, his career in professional music, and more.

Lists on Lists

Jerry and Patrick look over lists from the most recent Challenges and League 5-0s.

Gavin Verhey Brings the Beard

Gavin joins the cast to talk about life in quarantine and answer listener questions.

Tony Scapone Returns

Tony Scapone joins the cast to discuss his latest build of Jeskai Delver, Top 8ing a recent challenge, and even some Zendikar spoilers.