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Leaving a Legacy

BBD’s GP Richmond

BBD joins the cast to talk about GP Richmond and Grixis control.

Leaving a Legacy

GP Richmond Recap

Jerry and Patrick talk all about GP Reid Duke, Jerry’s run in Richmond, and more!

Leaving a Legacy

GP Richmond With Spencer Howland

Spencer Howland of Constructed Criticism joins the cast.

Leaving a Legacy


Leaving a Legacy celebrates their 200th episode!

Card Kingdom

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Leaving a Legacy


This week, Jerry hosts alone while Patrick is on vacation!

Leaving a Legacy

PT25 & The Dead Format

Ian from The Dead Format joins the podcast.

Leaving a Legacy

Gavin Verhey Returns!

Gavin Verhey returns to the cast to talk about the last year of MTG design.

Leaving a Legacy

Legacy with Liz

Liz, aka Nerdwalla, joins the cast to chat about her latest Legacy deck obsession.

Leaving a Legacy

LaL Presents Our Commander 2018 Preview Card

Thank you to Wizards of the Coast for the first preview card for Leaving a Legacy!

Leaving a Legacy

There’s a Storm Coming

Cyrus CG joins the cast to talk Storm and his new podcast!

Leaving a Legacy

A Whole New World

Jerry and Patrick get hyped over the new Legacy meta.