Pat Euglow

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Leaving a Legacy

Technology Sucks

Pat and Jerry catch up and talk about their upcoming plans

Leaving a Legacy

Return of the Loam!

This week Jerry welcomes back an old friend, aggroloam expert Connor Folse.

Leaving a Legacy

Sam Dams aka FenrusCloud

Jerry and Patrick welcome Sam Dams, aka FenrusCloud on to chat about his favorite Legacy deck, Infect!

Leaving a Legacy

Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson is coming off a great finish at a Trios event in Seattle and he’s got a lot to say about the format and his deck of choice.

Card Kingdom

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Leaving a Legacy

It’s a Mailbag

This week Jerry and Patrick go through the mailbag, digging for questions that aren’t Zoolander references. No promises.

Leaving a Legacy

The Noble Returns!

Pat and Jerry welcome back Mike Noble, who is fresh off of commentating the Legacy Pit Open—the largest Legacy tournament of the year.

Leaving a Legacy

Out With The Old, In With the New featuring Dakota!

This week Jerry and Pat run through reimagining of artwork throughout the history of Magic.

Leaving a Legacy

Run It Back

Pat and Jerry pulled the last one out of the vault for your listening pleasure.

Leaving a Legacy

One Wedding Allowed

Jerry and Pat talk about Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Jerry plays Mono Black Worldgorger. Pat rages about athletes. And more!

Leaving a Legacy

Rood H4N and the LaL Open

Rood Hanningan joins the crew to talk about his Top 8 finish at the LaL Open!

Leaving a Legacy

Shaking Off The Rust

This week the guys are joined by Zac Turgeon to do a rundown of what has changed from 2019 to 2021!