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Leaving a Legacy

WTF Is A Sticker?

Jerry and Patrick chat about a new mechanic coming to Legacy via Unfinity.

Leaving a Legacy

Building A Legacy Scene With Vic Coleman

Vic Coleman is a Legacy player who lives in the Bay Area in California and has been growing and supporting a legacy scene across multiple stores.

Leaving a Legacy

Jerry’s Pocket Sand

Jerry and Patrick welcome guest Jasper Burch on to talk about his gaming company, Pine Island Games.

Leaving a Legacy

Jerry And Pat Go To Time (Vault)

Jerry and Patrick recap the ELD TIme Vault Games Legacy Open! That’s right, they actually played some paper Legacy!

Card Kingdom

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Leaving a Legacy

LaL Open Winner Michael Munchbach

This week we have our most recent Leaving a Legacy Open Champion, Michael Munchbach, on to talk about his run at the LAL Open form this past weekend!

Leaving a Legacy

On Our Way to the Open with Joe Dyer

Roland stops in to talk about the NYC legacy scene, the latest B&R announcement, and the LaL Open.

Leaving a Legacy

Roland and NYC Brings the Heat to the LaL Open

This week our friend Roland stops in to talk about the NYC legacy scene, the latest B&R announcement, and how badly he wants to take down an LaL Open!

Leaving a Legacy

Spicy Wings to Go

Pat and Jerry discuss the upcoming Leaving a Legacy Open.

Leaving a Legacy

Polish Legacy Championship

Wiktor Werner joins the cast to discuss the Polish Legacy Championship.

Leaving a Legacy

James Connolly

The guys chat with James Connolly, a Legacy player hailing from Florida, who’s worked to build a Legacy community at a new LGS outside Tampa.

Leaving a Legacy

Can’t Win Them All

Pat and Jerry have a guest returning to the podcast to recap his latest legacy adventure, David Barentsen.