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Staff Writter


Leaving a Legacy


Romario Neto and Ethan Formichella to chat about DOOMSDAY, a deck we saw win last weekend’s Challenge in absence of our least favorite monkey.

Leaving a Legacy

Bob Huang is Back

Legacy great Bob Huang joins the cast to chat about new look Legacy, new UR Delver iterations, and more!

Leaving a Legacy

The Monkey is Off Our Back

Jerry is joined by a panel of legacy guests from across the country to talk about the new B&R update!

Leaving a Legacy

2021: A Year in Review with Gavin Verhey

Jerry and Pat welcome back Gavin Verhey for their 5th annual year in review episode.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Leaving a Legacy

Robert Wilson, BCD Legacy, and the Deli Meta

Robert Wilson joins the cast to talk about the Buffalo Chicken Dip Legacy event, scheduled for January 29th in Ohio.

Leaving a Legacy

Back From the Dead

Jerry and Pat sit down with Cantrip Cartell cohost Jake Arthurs.

Leaving a Legacy

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals

Jerry and Pat wish each other, and y’all, a Merry Christmas.

Leaving a Legacy

Spicy Lists

Pat and Jerry peruse the spicy lists from the latest challenge and 5-0s.

Leaving a Legacy

A NEW Legacy Newbie

Jerry and Patrick welcome a listener and Patron of the show Dave Barentsen.

Leaving a Legacy

Evan Flynn

This week Jerry and Pat invite Evan Flynn on to talk about his recent Top 8 with 8 Cast at EW!

Leaving a Legacy

Ragavan Leverage

Jerry and Patrick are joined by their most esteemed guest, Wilson Hunter!