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Leaving a Legacy

TonyScapone Draws 7 A Bunch

This week we have our esteemed guest TonyScapone on to chat about his newest iterations of The Epic Gamble!

Leaving a Legacy

Getting Pitty Wit It

The Legacy Pit joins the cast to announce their 20k Legacy event on October 1-2 in Richmond VA.

Leaving a Legacy

Apes Strong Together

Jerry is joined by fellow Sneak and Show player Brian Northrup to talk about Brian’s recent Top 4 result.

Leaving a Legacy

Local Fast Casual Dining!

Pat and Jerry talk with lands master Anthony Rivera, who recently took down the latest event held by the Arizona Magic Series.

Card Kingdom

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Leaving a Legacy

Bryant Loves Pauper

Bryant Cook joins the cast.

Leaving a Legacy


Matt aka PunishingWaterfalls on MTGO joins the cast to chat about Legacy.

Leaving a Legacy

Hang Sesh

Jerry and Pat take it easy this week and browse over some of the newest spicy lists showing up in the Leagues.

Leaving a Legacy


Jerry sits down with Alex Tash to talk about starting up a local Legacy scene.

Leaving a Legacy

Zachary Koch

Jerry and Patrick sit down with their old friend and fellow podcaster Zachary Koch.

Leaving a Legacy

Sage and Arizona Legacy!

Pat and Jerry chat about Legacy.

Leaving a Legacy

East vs. West

Jerry welcomes on West Coast D&T player David Barentsen to talk about his day at the recent Channel Fireball $1.5k.