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Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 4: Santa’s Workshop

Mishra’s Factory operates throughout the winter, producing an efficient stream of toys.

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 3: Festive Colors

Today’s Naya jumpstart pack features Mayael the Anima and Jegantha, the Wellspring.

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 2: Eight Tiny Reindeer

Our second Jumpstart holiday pack features a number of snow permanents and elk.

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 1: You Better Watch Out!

The Jumpstart Advent Calendar is coming to town.

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Magic and Meaning

The Church of Serra

Take a tour through the Church of Serra with this mono-white Commander deck.

Magic and Meaning

Religion and Horror in the Season of the Witch

What’s going on with the witches of Magic?

Hipsters Presents

Jump/Scare: A Halloween Jumpstart Cube

Get the party started this Halloween with Jump/Scare!

Magic and Meaning

Consorting with Demons: How Magic Made Black Flavorful and Scared Our Parents

Demonic pacts may or may not be harmless constructs of the game.

Hipsters Presents

Pictures at an Expedition: Map Commander

Here’s a deck where you can play all your favorite banned Standard cards.

Magic and Meaning

The Green Man Seen Through Magic

What do ancient forest images have in common with a grip full of Magic cards?

Magic and Meaning

Imagine a Healing World

Why fight nature?