Romancing P3K

Three Kingdoms, Part 4—The Empire, Long Divided, Must Unite

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms closes with failure and loss—and the eternal cycle of the Zodiac.

Designing Portal Three Kingdoms—An Interview with Henry Stern

Before we finish our chronicle of the story, hear from the designer of Portal Three Kingdoms, Henry Stern.

Three Kingdoms, Part 3—New Emperors

We near the end of the Three Kingdoms as generation power begins to shift.

Three Kingdoms, Part 2—The Fall of Guan Yu

Magic and mysticism take center stage in this week’s events.

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Three Kingdoms, Part 1—How the West was Won

The Three Kingdoms vie for control of the Riverlands, and Liu Bei finally claims a land of his own

Episode 6—The Battle of Red Cliffs

The Battle of Red Cliffs features some of the most memorable moments from the Three Kingdoms saga.

Episode 5—Cao Cao Conquers the North

Say goodbye to the Han Dynasty.

The Fall of the Han Dynasty, Part 4—The Rise of Cao Cao

Famine roils the lands in our latest installment of the Portal Three Kingdoms backstory.

The Fall of the Han Dynasty, Part 3—The Dying Embers of Rebellion

Murder, betrayal, pillaging hordes, and Diaochan.

The Fall of the Han Dynasty, Part 2—Dong Zhuo Takes Control

Early battles from the fall of the Han Dynasty.

The Fall of the Han Dynasty, Part 1—The Yellow Scarves Rebellion

It was a time of deep corruption, when rulers stood indifferent to the suffering of their people.