Magic and Meaning

Kaldheim and the Specter of Fascism

Jacob examines what’s going on with Norse Paganism, or Asatru, ahead of Kaldheim’s release.

The Church of Serra

Take a tour through the Church of Serra with this mono-white Commander deck.

Religion and Horror in the Season of the Witch

What’s going on with the witches of Magic?

Consorting with Demons: How Magic Made Black Flavorful and Scared Our Parents

Demonic pacts may or may not be harmless constructs of the game.

Card Kingdom

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The Green Man Seen Through Magic

What do ancient forest images have in common with a grip full of Magic cards?

Imagine a Healing World

Why fight nature?

The Grail Legend in Magic Lore

The best-kept secrets hide in plain sight.

The Thorn in Our Side: Vito & The Legacy of Spanish Conquest

Forget Rivals of Ixalan, Elenda & Vito are the Rivals of Torrezon.


Teferi is a hero for our time, even if that is merely coincidence.

Reflections on the Return of Idyllic Tutor

Exploring the art and symbolism of heavenly gifts.

Monsters of Our Own Making

Does Ikoria hold deeper truths beyond its often goofy exterior?