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Goblin Lore

So Many Vials to Smash

Taya and Alex profile everyone’s favorite goblin with wild hair, Vial Smasher.

Goblin Lore

How Hobbes Sparked

How did Hobbes get into psychology?


The Theros Beyond Death Story Was Shelved After “Blowback” From the War of the Spark Novels

Wizards delayed the release to find a better “validation strategy” for Magic’s story.

Goblin Lore

Eldraine’s Antagonists, From Big Bad to Little Worse

The Goblins discuss what the preview chapter of The Wildered Quest means for Throne of Eldraine.

Card Kingdom

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Breaking News

First Chapters of the Wildered Quest Reveal New and Returning Characters in Throne of Eldraine

The Dutch bookseller Bol.com posted a 12 page preview of The Wildered Quest by Kate Elliott.

The Long Walk

Protection from Red: Gideon, Liliana, and the War of the Spark

Gideon finally resolves the conflict between his Red and White sides.

Goblin Lore

Faerie Aerie, a Chase’s Places Podcast

In the Aerie’s debut episode, Chase brings on three lore experts.

Goblin Lore

Born a Gamblin’ Gob

The goblins discuss one their cousins from Mirrodin, Krark.

The Long Walk

Protection from Red: Gideon on Amonkhet

Gideon shows a flash of his Red side.

Goblin Lore

Suicidal Ideation in Magic with Chase, Part II

The goblins discuss how Magic: the Gathering has handled suicide and suicidal thoughts in its stories.

Breaking News

“The Wildered Quest” by Kate Elliott Will Tell Throne of Eldraine’s Story, Releases September 4

“The Wildered Quest” marks a transition back to novels to tell Magic’s story.