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Hope Eternal

In The Zone

This week Kate discusses attitude and treating opponents with respect.

Brew Corner

Legacy Jeskai Control

This week Aaron gets greedy by going deep with Soulfire Grand Master in Legacy Jeskai (Patriot) Control.

Eternal Durdles

It’s a Conspiracy!

Zac Clark and Nathan Golia remind you, sometimes it’s better to just buy the cards you want.

Hope Eternal

Dredge for Dummies

This week Kate teaches you the basics about the feared Eternal deck, Dredge.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Hope Eternal

Aluren Overlords

This week Kate talks about the incoming of Aluren and how the deck works.

Brew Corner

Legacy of Dr. Teeth

Feeling nostalgic? Aaron visits the idea of bringing Psychatog back and into Legacy.

Hope Eternal

Legacy Loves Conspiracies

This week Kate talks Conspiracy spoilers and what they mean for Legacy.

The Spice Cabinet


Jerry takes Kaya, Ghost Assassin out for a spin in Legacy.

Hope Eternal

Kaya Kontrol

This week Kate brews with Kaya

Brew Corner

Legacy World Stax

Aaron takes Stax for a spin in Legacy with a new mono-white brew.

Hope Eternal

Other Views From Here or There

This week Kate discusses women in Legacy as compared to Modern, Standard and Draft. We also get a peek at a selfie of the strongest Women in Magic to Date.