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Hope Eternal

Kaya Kontrol

This week Kate brews with Kaya

Brew Corner

Legacy World Stax

Aaron takes Stax for a spin in Legacy with a new mono-white brew.

Hope Eternal

Other Views From Here or There

This week Kate discusses women in Legacy as compared to Modern, Standard and Draft. We also get a peek at a selfie of the strongest Women in Magic to Date.

Eternal Durdles

Vintage Thoughts and EMN in Legacy

Zac and Nate talk Vintage and some interesting play calls in Legacy.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Brew Corner

Taking Tamiyo to Legacy

This week Aaron delivers a different approach to control using Bant with Tamiyo, Field Researcher in order to gain value and take control over a game.

Eternal Durdles

B&R updates

Zac and Nate wax on about the lack of news this week in legacy!

The Spice Cabinet

The BUG With Twelve Legs

Jerry pulls some naughty BUG out of the spice cabinet!

Eternal Durdles


Zac Clark and Nate Golia talk about BuyoutGate and the Looming threat of Legacy Buyouts.

Hope Eternal

Magic is Hard

This week Kate shares the importance of learning from your hard days at Magic.

Brew Corner

Spoilers in Legacy Brews!

This week Aaron revisits a couple older brews as well as an old favorite to discuss some new additions with the release of Eldritch Moon spoilers.

Hope Eternal

Buyout Blues

Kate addresses the buyouts that have been plaguing the MTG community.