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Standard Deviation

Three Cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan to Build Around

Rich looks at three new cards from Gadgetzan and builds some deck ideas around them.

Zero to Thirty

A Second Look at Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Anthony looks at the latest spoilers from Gadgetzan and analyzes their impact on standard.

Standard Deviation

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and the Standard Release Cycle

It’s time for a new expansion set! This week we talk about the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan!

Zero to Thirty

A First Look at Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Blizzcon is in the books but there’s a new expansion on the way! Anthony takes his first look at Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

Card Kingdom

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Standard Deviation

Hearthstone Daily Quests and the November Ranked Play Season

Should you climb the November ladder? Should you grind out daily quests for gold? Can you do both?

Zero to Thirty

What Makes a Good Tournament Deck

Anthony takes a look at how to prepare for a Hearthstone tournament by picking the right decks to bring along.

Standard Deviation

Greetings from Gadgetzan

Rich takes a week off from talking about his love of Discolock to talk about Gadgetzan!

Zero to Thirty

What Makes a Good Ladder Deck

Anthony takes a look at what makes a good Hearthstone ladder deck and what you should consider when selecting your weapon of choice

Standard Deviation

Discolock Match-Up Discussion

Rich analyzes the match-ups for Discolock as he tries to climb out of the obscurity of the lower rungs of the Hearthstone ladder

Zero to Thirty

Top Legendaries for Beginners

Anthony tells you how to craft Hearthstone legendaries.

Standard Deviation

Climbing the October Ladder with Discolock

This week Rich provides a status update as he pilots Discolock on the October Standard ladder