Are you ready? Do you have enough gold to crack enough packs to get what you need? Do you know which gang you want to join? Have you even looked at the full spoiler list yet? What have you been doing for all of November? Gorging yourself on pumpkin pie and climbing the ladder?

Oh, I’m only rank 18 with 48 hours left in the season, guess I’d better play some games…

Everything changes on December 1st when the latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, goes live. With 49 commons, 36 rares, 27 epics, and 20 legendaries you’ll need 64,720 dust to build the entire collection. Of course unless you’re an OCD collecting fiend like me you’re not counting every bit of dust so that you can do just that. You’re probably focusing on a few key cards you want to build around.

If you open enough packs you’re going to be able to collect two copies of all 49 commons pretty quickly. 30 packs should pretty much cover it. Getting rares and epics will obviously be trickier but those 30 packs will give you at least that. It’s the legendaries that will be tricky. So here to help you out are the five legendaries I feel are most important to craft ASAP.

#1 – Kazakus

Even though [Reno Jackson] is going to rotate out of Standard in the Spring, with the next expansion release, we’ll still get to enjoy Reno decks for a while. As a four-mana 3/3 minion, Kazakus isn’t an amazing board presence. However, his ability to create a custom spell is very good and Reno Mage, Warlock, and Priest are all going to be more fun to play with Kazakus.

#2 – Hobart Grapplehammer

Class-specific legendaries aren’t always the best plan since they only slot into specific decks. Some though are going to be played in every single deck you build for that class, like [Archmage Antonidas]. Hobart Grapplehammer is that card for Warrior decks. At the low cost of two mana, you get an additional strength added to every single weapon in your deck. Since you’re almost always running [Fiery War Axe] and [Gorehowl] this seems like a no-brainer.

#3 – Sergeant Sally

Seeing as there are only about a thousand ways to increase Sally’s damage, and she fits into almost every midrange deck including Shaman and Hunter, it’s hard to imagine Sally not being one of the more popular legendaries from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. She’ll happily fit into pretty much every control deck as well, except for Frost Mage. In short you won’t regret crafting this.

#4 – Raza the Chained

Hello [Shadowform] my old friend. If you also go through the trouble of crafting Kazakus and you have [Reno Jackson] this could be a very, very powerful legendary minion indeed. Even without transforming your hero power, being able to heal for free every single turn is crazy good, especially since your [Reno Jackson] is probably a control deck and getting to the end-game is critical.

#5 – Shaku, the Collector

Haters be damned, I am 100% on-board with [Burgle] Rogue as the alternate Rogue strategy. Sure, Miracle Rogue is a ton of fun and a very competitive deck, but Blizzard is clearly throwing support behind Burgle Rogue as well and that deck is a hell of a lot of fun to play. Most of the cards are easy enough to acquire anyways, so splurging for Shaku will make the deck even better.

So what Legendary do you plan on crafting first? Let us know on Twitter @hotcblog!

Rich has been playing Hearthstone on and off since the closed beta and has a golden E.T.C. to prove it. He enjoys playing Warlock on the ladder and wishes he could get more than five wins in an Arena run. He’s trying desperately to figure out how Hunters always seem to have Call of the Wild on curve. 

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