Brewing up new decks is one of the biggest appeals of any collectible card game but it’s 100% of the appeal of spoiler season for a new Hearthstone expansion like Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Okay, maybe it’s 95% of the appeal and 5% of people are looking for what will have a big impact on the Arena (more on that next week perhaps). But let’s be honest, every single card that’s revealed immediately spawns discussions on which Standard decks can be a fit, or what new archetype might arise, and so on and so forth.

Today I picked three of the new cards (one rare, one epic, and one legendary) that appeal to the deck-builder in me. These will likely be the first cards I try to craft once the set releases (though in the case of the legend that could take a while). So without further ado, let’s dive into these three new cards and see what we can come up with!


Okay, this one has been a pretty popular pick among community pundits as a powerful card if not one of the most powerful in the set. Even on its own, getting a total of six power and toughness for five mana is a decent exchange. However this card really shines when you go the distance to setup combos, and boy do I love combos.

[Brann Bronzebeard] is the obvious combo to maximize your Dopplegangster value. I’m also really looking forward to seeing this in action with [Knife Juggler] and [Darkshire Councilman] in Zoolock. A turn-three Councilman into a turn-four Brann into a turn-five Dopplegangster gives you a 6/5 Councilman. If you’d played [Knife Juggler] as well on turn two, and your opponent had no disruption, you’ll have also tossed seven knives around. Fun for the whole family.

The obvious fit for Dopplegangster is with all the new spells that buff creatures while they’re in your hand. A 3/3 Dopplegangster is a whopping nine power and nine toughness for five mana. With Brann in play it only gets more absurd. The moral of the story is, you better make sure you can kill your opponent’s [Brann Bronzebeard] ASAP.

Small-Time Recruits

You know what they say, [Anyfin Can Happen]! Yeah that’s right. Some people may slot this into a Divine Shield deck, and technically that’s correct. But you better believe this is going into a Paladin Murloc deck ASAP. It can find [Vilefin Inquisitor], [Grimscale Oracle], and [Murloc Tidecaller]. Assuming you aren’t playing [Murloc Raider] or Sir Finley, you’ll probably draw all three. Profit! More importantly, you won’t draw them later when you need to rip [Anyfin Can Happen] or [Consecration]

Sure, you could draw [Selfless Hero] and [Argent Squire] but where’s the fun in that? Nowhere, that’s where. Maybe we’ll build an anti-Murloc deck with [Hungry Crab] or a Taunt deck with [Goldshire Footman], [Tournament Attendee], and [Shieldbearer]. Maybe it’s time for a return of Secret Paladin and you can draw your [Secretkeeper]. Maybe you want it to be a tutor for Sir Finley.

Okay, just put it in a Divine Shield deck. Snore.


I’ve never been a fan of [Reno Jackson] but Kazakus may make a believer out of me. The custom spells certainly range in effectiveness and you can find a full list on the Reddit discussion thread. I have a feeling adding random Demons to your hand will be the best result since you’ll probably get Jaraxus (yay random-ness). [Polymorph]ing all of your opponent’s creatures is also a good time.

Since you’re putting this in a Reno deck you get to have more fun and maybe put an [Ancient Brewmaster] and similar effects into the deck to replay Kazakus for fun and profit. Use some mage secrets to get Kazakus back. If I manage to get to craft (or open) Kazakus I’m going to have a lot of fun building Reno/Kazakus decks.

What do you plan on building when Gadgetzan comes out? Hit me up on Twitter and let us know @HotCBlog!

Rich has been playing Hearthstone on and off since the closed beta and has a golden E.T.C. to prove it. He enjoys playing Warlock on the ladder and wishes he could get more than five wins in an Arena run. He’s trying desperately to figure out how Hunters always seem to have Call of the Wild on curve. 

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