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Guilty Gear Strive

Lowry Muses

Deep Dive: Baiken

Lowry talks about one of the hardest-hitting Guilty Gear characters around.

Lowry Muses

Deep Dive: Bridget

Guilty Gear Strive’s newest character is an all-rounder, with tools for pretty much everything.

Lowry Muses

The Art of Mashing

Sometimes mashing is a good tactic in fighting games.

Lowry Muses

A Deep Dive with Jack-O’

Jack-O’ isn’t easy to figure out, but in Season 2 of Guilty Gear Strive, she’s worth it.

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Lowry Muses

Biggest Winners and Losers from Strive’s Season Two Patch

Who are the winners and losers from the new patch?

Lowry Muses

The Balance Problems Of Guilty Gear Strive

The top tiers are too good at what they do.