Power and Toughness

Modern PTQ Weekend Part Two: Affinity

Following a Connecticut PTQ and sadness playing Jund, Matt gets back on his horse (a Zipcar) and Modern Affinity’s his way to a better record and some serious bro-downs.

Modern PTQ Weekend Part One: Jund

Jones powered through a weekend of PTQs. First stop: Berlin, CT, with Courser Jund.

A Knight of Capashen

Jones spilled paint on a Capashen Knight. He then studied it, drew it, and writes about it as an art object.


Jones travels to Philly with Bones and Clark to eat a sandwich.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

The Demonologist (Potpourri)

Matt runs through his week in Magic, takes in a PTQ, loses at TDL, and thinks about Satan.

What’s With All the Sighs, Raphael?

Matt continues his existential quest for content and value through art and Magic.

Flame Retardant

Matt slogs through TDL week one, loses his mojo, and finds it again.

New BJ 99¢

Matt writes about his Grand Prix Philly experience and a Phillies game.

Something Funny Someone Said in a Van

Jones talks about his awesome recent van trips to PTQs with his nerd bros.

Power & Toughness—More Grand Prix Philly Practice

Matt tries to play a sealed daily on MTGO and has some cash and prizes at the end.

Burn in Hell

Matt falls in love with a Courser and recounts the ScryDucks playoff match in Team Draft League against The AbeySitters, building his favorite limited deck of all time in the process.