Lowry Muses

Examining Gruff Triplets in Commander

Lowry looks at an exciting new roleplayer in the realm of big, swingy green creatures.

Is Power Creep a Bad Thing for Commander?

How is power creep impacting Commander? Does it matter? Or can an increasing power level in Commander actually be a good thing?

The Plight of Going 4th in Commander

Lowry looks at the challenges faced by the player who is designated last in the pecking order.

Three Wilds of Eldraine Cards I’m Excited for in Commander

There are tons of new cards to consider from Wilds of Eldraine, but Lowry rounded up the newcomers they’re most excited about.

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The Power 9 of Commander

Lowry looks at the nine hallmark cards of the format, which make up the core identity of what we’re all doing.

The Problem with Midrange in Commander

Lowry looks at the challenges faced by traditional midrange strategies in Commander.

Building a Pod Part 2: Choosing an Archetype

Lowry digs deeper into what makes a good Birthing Pod deck in Commander; potential archetypes, play patterns, and how to close out a game.

Building a Pod Part 1: Choosing a Commander

Lowry looks at the classic deck building challenge of building around Birthing Pod.

Why Do Planeswalkers Suck in Commander?

Magic’s main characters don’t have much of a home in the most popular way to play. Lowry is here to discuss why.

A Re-Review: Anje Falkenrath

Lowry looks at their go-to cEDH deck, and theorizes how it might be retooled to work at casual tables.

Streamlining vs. Power Creeping in Commander

Are you refining your deck, or are you in an arms race with others to improve? Lowry is here to discuss the difference between the two.