Lowry Muses

Three Things You Should Stop Caring About in Commander

There are times to care, and there are times to do your own thing. Lowry is here to discuss when you should relax and find your own path.

How Many Tutors Is Too Many Tutors?

Lowry takes a look at the state of tutors in Commander, and argues you can have too much of a good thing.

Four Interaction Spells You Should Probably Be Playing in EDH

You should be running more interaction, and Lowry is here to discuss some notable contenders for your next deck.

High Powered EDH vc. cEDH: Win Conditions in Anje

Lowry looks at their place in the casual and competitive world, and seeks to carve out something unique with a new deck idea.

Card Kingdom

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Competitive Magic Was Always Second Fiddle

Lowry looks at the cold realities in the relationship between casual and competitive Magic.

Just How Important Are Commander Politics?

Everyone brings their own political style to the table, whether they be quiet or chatty. Lowry is here to look at how politics shapes our games.

Why cEDH is so Appealing

Lowry looks at some of the defining characteristics of cEDH, and how it brings in new players.

The Plight of Stone Rain

Lowry looks at land destruction in Commander, and how we might be able to better accept it in the format ecosystem.

What the Hell is “The Gathering”, Anyway?

Lowry looks at what it takes to do right by others in the Magic community, and how toxic positivity can cloud the conversation.

Thassa’s Oracle and Format Warps in Commander

Lowry looks at the complicated design space for “Thoracle” in Commander. How do we overcome it? Can we?

Moving Off of Urza

Sometimes you take an idea all the way, other times you’re looking for something more. Lowry brings us into their Commander thought process.