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Shattered Perceptions

Shattergang Expectations – Commander Masters

Ryan evaluates some of the key pieces in the new Eldrazi preconstructed deck.

Lowry Muses

Building a Pod Part 1: Choosing a Commander

Lowry looks at the classic deck building challenge of building around Birthing Pod.

Commander Corner

Deck Tech: Leinore, Autumn Sovereign

Luka steps far outside their comfort zone with a potent Selesnya deck which isn’t grounded in combo.

Commander Corner

Commander Corner Opinion: Spot Removal Is Getting Worse

How good is your removal suite these days? Is it as powerful as you remember it? Luka is here to discuss the state of removal In Commander.

Card Kingdom

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Casual Black Magic

The Trap of Rational Deckbuilding in Commander

Sam analyzes some common deck building challenges in casual commander, since brewing isn’t as straightforward as it looks.

Rally the Rankings

Rally The Rankings: Top Commanders From March of the Machine

Ryan takes us through some of the most compelling new commanders to play from March of the Machine.

Casual Black Magic

Hidetsugu and Kairi in cEDH

Sam builds around a five-mana commander for cEDH. Can we truly live the dream? This deck says “absolutely”.

Casual Black Magic

Iteration in Commander Deck Building

Sam looks at the many thoughts and processes which go into editing and improving a Commander deck.