Wilds of Eldraine is right around the corner, and it’s already starting off with a bang. We have a ton of cards that look very exciting for Commander, but there are three that are really catching my eye.

Honorable mention: Greta, Sweettooth Scourge: I almost wanted to include this one, as it has everything you could want in a casual commander deck. It has great synergies, it’s fairly cheap, and the abilities all work with each other at many points in the game. I can’t quite put my finger on what kind of build a Greta deck would look like, but it’s definitely a card I’m keeping my eye on.

Beseech the Mirror: It’s not like Commander needs more powerful tutors, but in the case of Beseech the Mirror, this might be one of the best ones yet. Four mana is a little bit below rate for a standard tutor, but the ability to just get your most powerful tool available if it’s mana cost is four or less, automatically skyrockets it into cEDH territory right off the bat. The only “issue” this card has is that it’s a bit hard to cast if your manabase is greedy, but cmon, we’re playing Commander here, and let’s not act like we can’t fix that with a few treasure tokens or fetch lands. Expect to see this card everywhere, all the time, in all sorts of commander decks, regardless of strategy.

Moonshaker Cavalry: Craterhoof Behemoth got another sibling, and and it’s just as deadly. I’ve been wanting to build a Birthing Pod deck for quite a while now, and if I play white, I’ll now have redundant copies of a very strong finisher if I decide to go aggro. The top end of Commander decks are already typically crowded, but any deck which wants to go wide will want this for sure, even if you aren’t necessarily ramping into it. The spirit synergy isn’t to be understated either, as I’m sure someone out there is going to find a way to make this pair with their spirits typal deck.

Rowan, Scion of War: This card is a big problem. In cEDH, Ad Nauseum is already a mainstay, and only gets more powerful as time goes on. This iteration of Rowan gives you a lot more firepower if you manage to go really late, especially if you’re leaning harder into colorless spells. Three mana is already pretty cheap, whether as a commander, of if he’s just in your deck. Now, you have a card that can push you over the top, even if you end up just short on your initial Ad Nauseum, and especially if you lean a little bit heavier towards mana rocks. I’m definitely going to see what I can come up with, and how hard we can push this really strong ability.

This is just scratching the surface on Wilds of Eldraine, and I can’t wait to see what others think of when we get our hands on these brand spankin’ new cards. There may be some builds I’ll talk about in the near future involving the aforementioned, and I’m sure others in the commander community will come up with some very powerful ideas as well!

Anthony Lowry (they/he) is a seasoned TCG, MMORPG, and FPS veteran. They are extensively knowledgeable on the intricacies of many competitive outlets, and are always looking for a new challenge in the gaming sphere.

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