From the Sideboard

Why Cosplay Matters

Gemma explains how cosplay helps us embrace our identities and grow as people, and why that is so important to our community.

The Design of Emrakul

So, how good is the new Emrakul? How does she line up with her previous incarnation, and why is she a better or worse design?

Never Concede

Carrie brings you some bonus advice not to concede, with a couple recent examples from tournaments.

From the Spice Cabinet—Mono Blue Thing in the Ice

This week Jerry comes back to show those Thing in the Ice brewers how it’s done! Always with a touch of Spice.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Battle for Zendikar Sealed Exercise

Carrie drops a special Battle for Zendikar sealed deck challenge on you, all for free. Do you like to splash?

Hugh’s GP AC Farticle *14th*

Limited master Hugh Kramer recounts his amazing run at Grand Prix Atlantic City, and analyzes what it takes to win with 40-card Dragons of Tarkir decks.

March Madness 2015—Championship

Chandra Nalaar vs. Liliana Vess in the March Madness 2015 Championship. Who will win?

March Madness 2015—Championship Preview

It’s time to find out who are two championship competitors will be after a pair of grueling Final Four showdowns.

March Madness 2015—Final Four

Greetings fellow planeswalkers and welcome to the 2015 March Madness tournament! This year’s tournament features 31 of the most famous […]

March Madness 2015—The Elite Eight

The Sweet Sixteen comes to a close and we recap all the action and preview the March Madness of Planeswalkers Elite Eight!

March Madness 2015—Sweet Sixteen Preview

The regional matchups in the March Madness tournament of planeswalkers has ended and our results our in. We also preview the sweet sixteen.