Greetings fellow planeswalkers and welcome to the 2015 March Madness tournament! This year’s tournament features 31 of the most famous and infamous planeswalkers from across the multiverse facing off in eight different arenas. Our dedicated staff of analysts and reporters are on-hand to bring you all of the exciting action as these powerful beings face off in one of the deadliest, intense, and time-honored competitions known across the ‘verse: basketball. Today we’re proud to bring you the Championship match recap.

March Madness 2015 Schedule

Regional Preview

Regional Recap/Sweet Sixteen Preview

Sweet Sixteen Recap/Elite Eight Preview

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Final Four Recap/Championship Preview

Championship Recap

The Championship

Chandra Nalaar versus Liliana Vess

Chandra Nalaar versus Liliana Vess

Liliana Vess and Chandra Nalaar took the court amid the rolling thunder of the storms raging overhead. The crowd at Emeria Sky Stadium sat uneasy, wondering if there was more to the storm than it seemed. Shadows occasionally passed overhead while Liliana and Chandra took warm-ups, and not all of the shadows looked like the two dragons who had previously taken off abruptly and torn a hole in the stadium’s magic dome.

As the game began lightning streaked across the sky. None of it seemed to phase the two planeswalkers on the hardwood floor but several crowd members began to trickle out of the stadium to seek shelter. Chandra and Liliana traded field goals and trips to the free throw line and the score remained very close as the first quarter came to a close. The pyromancer has a small lead by a margin of 18-15.

An announcement informing the crowd that the Emeria Sky Stadium is one of the safest structures on Zendikar played several times in various languages before the game resumed. From a private suite high above the game, Jace Beleren, Gideon Jura, and Nissa Revane looked on with some trepidation. The second quarter went by as quickly as the first and Chandra took a 40-36 lead into the locker room at halftime. Both competitors were ramping up the physicality as the half drew near, and it was sure to escalate even further as the game continued.

The crowd panicked during halftime when large objects began to fall on the magic dome of the stadium. They could not be identified through the storm but several spectators swore that they looked like they Eldrazi spawn. By the time Liliana and Chandra took the court again, Jace, Gideon, and Nissa had departed.

As the third quarter began the storm strangely subsided. Play continued and Liliana began an impressive comeback, closing to within one point of Chandra. Then a large object suddenly came crashing to the court, breaking through the magical dome that kept out the elements. While avoiding the unidentified object, Chandra fouled Liliana and she went to the line while a crew of goblins cleaned up what turned out to be a fallen hedron. Liliana sunk the shot tying the game at 50 points apiece.

Right then, with the game tied, Eldrazi spawn began to pour in through the hole in the dome. Jace and the other planeswalkers came following after attempting to stem the tide of the monstrous spawn. Then everything went to hell when Ugin and Nicol bolas came crashing down to the court while doing battle with a pathrazer. Liliana and Chandra were both furious that their match had been so interrupted and their combined magic set off a necromantic inferno that incinerated the spawn and pathrazer and also singed Nicol Bolas.

With the Stadium in ruins, the president of the Planeswalker Competitive Athletic Association (PCAA) declared Liliana and Chandra co-champions before being crushed by another Eldrazi monster. And thus ends the 2015 PCAA Championship tournament! See you next year!

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