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The Magic Minute

Jessica Estephan Wins GP Sydney, Becoming the First Woman to Win a GP

Estephan and her teammates Ryan Lewis-Jonns and Lachlan Saunders won Grand Prix Sydney.

Hope Eternal

Please Stop

Kate responds to the latest targeted harassment of women in Magic, sharing her brutal experiences.

What We Learned

An Article About Articles About Women in Magic

Women in Magic took to Twitter on Friday to chime in on the topic of why they do or don’t play competitively. Maybe it’s time men start listening?

What We Learned

WESG 2017 Will Add Female Competitors to their Events, Should Wizards do the Same for the Pro Tour?

The big eSports announcement this week is that the WESG 2017 circuit will allow female competitors in their own CS:GO and Hearthstone brackets

Card Kingdom

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From the Sideboard

Why Cosplay Matters

Gemma explains how cosplay helps us embrace our identities and grow as people, and why that is so important to our community.

Hope Eternal

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Kate shares her powerful story from earlier this year—The View from Here.

Command of Etiquette

Coincidence As Cover

Jess posits that the mental cost of vigilance may be an influence on the skewed demographics of the professional Magic world.

Command of Etiquette

An Invisible Woman

Jess talks about that great SCG article on women in Magic, and her emotional response to it.

None Shall Pass Bombs

The Moment I Lost Grand Prix Cleveland

Carrie fumbled the go-ahead touchdown in Cleveland. Read about it and make fun of her here.