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Magic Will Move to Once-a-Year Banned and Restricted Updates, Plus Emergency Updates with Each New Set

Wizards will be moving to a one-yearly scheduled Banned and Restricted update, with mini-updates possible three weeks after each new set.


MTG Arena Announcements: Tournament Grinders Get Ready

The next Arena Open and Arena Championship 3 are just around the corner!

15 Wins

MTG Arena Midweek Magic Guide: On The Edge

Get ready to live on the edge with this week’s Midweek Magic format!


Major Changes Coming To Standard’s Banned And Restricted Schedule

As Standard move to a three-year rotation cycle, Wizards of the Coast will begin scheduling Banned and Restricted updates ahead of time.

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Rally the Rankings

Rally The Rankings: 10 Simic Cards You Should Be Playing In Commander

Ryan has a solid lineup of ten underrated Simic cards which deserve a shot in your next deck.


MTG Arena Announcements: Aftermath Draftin’ and Sets Rotatin’

March of the Machine: The Aftermath arrives this week, Standard rotation is changing, and more!

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MTG Arena Midweek Magic Guide: Explorer

Need help exploring the Arena-only “almost Pioneer” format? We’ve got you covered.


The Aftermath of March of the Machine: The Aftermath

The entire set has been previewed, including the newly-desparked Planeswalkers and other story beats.


MTG Arena Announcements: Festivals and Ranked Rewards

MTG Arena has a new series of festivals coming to the game during the month of May!

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MTG Arena Midweek Magic Guide: March of the Machine Constructed

The event is free to all players and requires a 60-card deck entirely made up of cards from the March of the Machine expansion.

15 Wins

March of the Machine MTG Arena Mastery Pass

The second major set to release in 2023, March of the Machine brings with it a huge Mastery Pass to Arena. Here’s what you need to know.