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MTG Arena Midweek Magic Guide: Alchemy All-Access

Get to know the Alchemy format so you can get all of the rewards during Midweek Magic on MTG Arena!

15 Wins

MTG Arena Midweek Magic Guide: Historic Artisan

Get to know the Historic Artisan format so you can get all of the rewards during Midweek Magic on MTG Arena!

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A First Look at Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Are you ready to be compleated?

15 Wins

Everything You Need to Know About the Brothers’ War Arena Mastery Pass

Ryan lays out all the details for the rewards in the Arena Mastery Pass for The Brothers’ War.

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Everything Announced At This Week’s Weekly Magic 12/6

Dominaria Remastered, news on Phyrexia, and more to look forward to in 2023.

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Looking Back On The Best Magic: The Gathering Mechanics of 2022

There were a lot of mechanics in 2022, but here are the ones that rise above the others.


Magic Spellslingers: Helvault Unsealed Spoilers Revealed

For all you Spellslingers, Ryan Hay has assembled the Internet’s first (!!!) up-to-date gallery of Helvault Unsealed spoilers.

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Resident Evil 4 Deaths Ranked By Squeamishness

Not for the faint of heart: the grossest and goriest deaths in the game.

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Weekly MTG Reveals Many Spoilers…and a Real-Life Robot Battle

Ryan Hay covers the bevy of announcements, both surprising and expected, from the last Weekly MTG livestream before Magic 30.

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Every Jace Planeswalker Card Ranked

Guaranteed to be both very surprising and not surprising at all, depending on where you look.

Tenth Anniversary Top 10

Top 10 Spellslingers in Magic Spellslingers

Pick your spellslinger wisely with this handy top 10.