Singleton is one of Magic’s most varied formats and for this week’s Midweek Magic, you’ll be building a 60-card deck with a distinct Alchemy flavor. You only get a single copy of any given card in this format, making it a unique and challenging way to earn some free cards.

Racking up three wins in Midweek Magic doles out three rewards, two of which are Individual Rare Cards. These IRCs can be any rare (and occasionally mythic rare) card on Magic: The Gathering Arena. The last prize is a Mystery Cosmetic pack, possibly containing a brand new avatar, pet, or sleeve, but more likely or not will contain a unique card style.

Midweek Magic events are completely free to enter for all players, through either the Magic: The Gathering Arena app or game client. No matter which platform you compete in, the event starts Tuesday at 2 p.m. PT and will end on Thursday at 2 p.m. PT.

Alchemy Singleton Rules

For Alchemy Singleton, you’ll have access to any card available in Standard, as well as a limited number of cards released with digital-only mechanics. These cards can be found in special Alchemy packs in the shop or can be crafted with wildcards.

Many cards have also been rebalanced for Alchemy, updating stats, abilities, and mana costs to make them more appealing to players and to help other deck concepts shine. You’ll know when a card has been changed as it will have a little Arena “A” to the left of the card’s name and another at the bottom of the card.

This is the first Singleton event since the release of battles so of course we’re going to jam a bunch of the best ones into a deck and see where that takes us. Here’s a nifty Orzhov Singleton list that might be a good place to start if you’re unsure what to take with you into the event.

Alchemy Singleton Orzhov


Even if you don’t use this list, make sure to take full advantage of cards that utilize Alchemy specific mechanics like Conjur and Seek. The Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate expansion included a cycle of uncommon lands, one for each color, that you can pay four mana and tap to seek out any nonland card once a match. Having a guaranteed nonland draw when you have some spare mana is great in grindy matches.

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