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Goblin Lore

Promised Lands with Adam Paquette, Part I

Adam Paquette joins the show to talk about his work imagining and illustrating Magic’s Multiverse.

Goblin Lore

Sparks of Joy

The goblin crew is back together to talk about the magical, mystical Planeswalker spark.

Goblin Lore

Goblin Games—Dragons are S.M.A.R.T.

S.M.A.R.T. goals and Nicol Bolas’s long-term planning.

Goblin Lore

The Passion of the Capashen with Adrienne Reynolds and Shivam Bhatt

MTG ethnographer Adrienne Reynolds and Hindu pandit and co-host of the Commanderin’ Shivam Bhatt join the cast.

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Story Circle

Sparking Joy: The History of What Makes a Planeswalker

Whence does the spark arise?

Goblin Lore

MTG Ranked—Unique Planeswalker Skillsets

The Top 6 most unique planeswalker skills!

Story Circle

Finally, Rest and Peace

Reflections on Gideon’s struggle between life and death.

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Goblin Games—Brewing Up a Frenzy

Coffee! On Ravnica!

Story Circle

Wonder About the Wanderer

Carmen Sandiego called, and she wants her schtick back.

Goblin Lore

Ravnican Relief with Renee

Joe Redemann, Hobbes Q., and Alex Newman talk to emergency planner Renee about Ravnica’s impending disaster.