Matthew Munoz, an admin in the MTG Artist Proof Discord, has announced a new charity auction initiative entitled “cARBORd Day,” where donated artist proofs, playmats, and prints will be sold to benefit the Arbor Day Foundation for Arbor Day 2022.

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Press Release below:


My name is Matthew Munoz and I want to talk about “cARBORd Day”

I will be hosting a charity auction to raise funds to donate to tree planting charities on Arbor Day this April, 2022. I  am organizing this charity event, and will be using the MTG Artist Proofs Discord to help promote it, so come join!

“cARBORd Day” is to promote both the artist proof community and the importance of caring for our environment, especially with Magic cards requiring so much paper to be produced. Funds raised will be directly donated to the Arbor Day Foundation via a fundraiser link.

Many sketched artist proofs, donated by Magic artists themselves, will be auctioned on Facebook. Artists contributing include: Amy Weber, Heather Hudson, Alix Branwyn, Christopher Moeller, Donato Giancola, Ryan Pancoast, Sam Burley, Alayna Danner, Jakub Kasper, Jesper & Julie Myrfors and more! There will also be blank AP’s available as raffle prizes for people who just make donations in $5 increments, 1 raffle ticket for every $5 donated. (A screenshot of donation confirmation will be required as proof).

And remember, if you have bulk cards you don’t want, think about donating them to instead of throwing them away.

Join Us in the Artist Proof Discord.

Thank you,

Matthew Munoz

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The auctions are slated to begin on Earth Day 2022 (April 20th) on the MTG Artist Proof Facebook page, and conclude donations by Arbor Day 2022, or April 29th. You can reach Munoz at [email protected] with questions or to make a donation.

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