On September 20, 2022, almost two and a half years after its first iteration, Josh Krause of Original Magic Art launched the Foglio Portfolio 2 on Kickstarter. This much anticipated follow-up to the first smash-success campaign once again offers the work of legendary Magic artists Phil and Kaja Foglio in the form of exclusive playmats and prints. The Foglios illustrated 117 cards over their career in the early days of Magic: The Gathering, and with Phil’s recent return and an Artist Series Secret Lair on the horizon, look to be headed back into the fold of Magic once again for its 30th anniversary.

Opening the Portfoglio

There are again two options for backers to add a Foglio work to their gaming space. The first is as a playmat, with a half dozen fresh options available at the outset of the project:

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Each extended-art playmat has the high-quality stitched edge, comes signed by the artist, and will never be reprinted outside of the demand for this Kickstarter. Stretch goals provide the opportunity to unlock new artworks, and as of the writing of this article, Stretch Goal #1 had unlocked Rainbow Vale as both a playmat and print:

Rainbow Vale print

Speaking of prints, for the backer that wants to see the art every day on their wall, limited edition 16 inch by 24 inch giclee prints can be added as their own $100 pledge or as an add-on. Each comes signed and numbered by the artist and will never be available or printed again at this size:

Teferi's Puzzle Box extended art giclee print

And finally backers can still add a Certificate of Authenticity to their purchase, something that’s becoming very popular for this highly limited and often later sought after Kickstarter reward items.

Signed Certificate of Authenticity for $5

After just a week, the campaign sits at 551 backers pledging just under $50,000. With 22 days to go, the sky’s the limit for just how much art will be unlocked. There is another stretch goal looming at $50,000 (which could very well be met by the time this is published) and another new artwork will join the available options at the end.

Don’t miss this opportunity to welcome the Foglios back to Magic, and become a backer today!

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