We have survived our tenth anniversary! Thank you to everyone who joined us over the last two weeks as we celebrated our first decade of content at Hipsters of the Coast. Every column and top 10 can be found at our Tenth Anniversary Hub as well as through the tenth anniversary content tag.

If you missed our grand finale, go check out Gerry Thompson’s $1,000 secret sharing article right now! Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis will still be in your graveyard when you come back. We had no idea what specific sort of brilliance Gerry would provide, but we knew he would bring it. And he far exceeded our already heightened expectations! You won’t find me gushing about 4,000-word articles too often, but here we are.

If you can’t decide which top 10 was your favorite, Sinistra Black has a helpful top 10 meta-list to get you started. I was sad to see my brilliant ranking of New York subway stations left off that stage, but in all honesty we had so many fantastic top 10s that far exceeded my feeble attempts to joke about trains. If you just want to read top 10 lists to your heart’s content, you can click here.

All of that is now in the past. We here at Hipsters of the Coast must look to the future. Now is the time of eleven! Jacob Torbeck provides us a helpful guide to constructing a casual Commander deck around Eleven and Friends, but that is just the beginning. We hope you stick with us as we begin a new year with renewed vigor, and we look forward to bringing more exciting content about Magic: The Gathering and the larger gaming world over the months to come.

Carrie O’Hara is Editor-in-Chief of Hipsters of the Coast.

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