I loved Future Sight, the expansion, not the card. The card is fine. But I digress. I loved the future-shifted cards and the idea of getting glimpses into possible futures for Dominaria and the multiverse at large. In the years that followed it was always a treat to see cards or mechanics that premiered in Future Sight show up in new products. It was an incredibly ambitious endeavor by Wizards of the Coast R&D who notoriously plan Magic products out very, very far in advance.

We don’t plan our headlines out more than a few days in advance, at most, and at best usually within 24 hours of publication. But, to celebrate the final day of our tenth anniversary series of top ten lists, I decided to put on my Future Sight hat (the expansion, not the card) and peer into what the next 10 years might have in store for headlines at Hipsters of the Coast. Make sure to stop by my virtual home in the Metaverse if any of these come true.

10. Yet Again, Wizards is Gonna try to Make a Magic: The Gathering Video Game

This is probably the least bold prediction on this list given that WotC announced a new game studio to develop AAA titles. If we’re lucky it won’t try to shove deck-building into a Diablo-style game for absolutely no good reason.

9. Magic Arena 2.0 is Coming, What Does it Mean for Your Collection?

Arena is a fine application but eventually it may go the way of Overwatch and other titles that were ultimately replaced by their successor. Could Skeleton Key, the new video game studio within Wizards, build a better Arena? Probably. Will they? If it makes money hand-over-fist you bet they will.

8. Magic: The Gathering Theme Park to Open in Seattle Renton

Future winners of Magic cosplay contests will earn the grand prize of being able to apply to portray their favorite Planeswalker at Seattle’s Renton’s first major theme park.

7. Pauper, Vintage, Legacy, Modern, and Pioneer to Become Community-Managed Formats Similar to Commander

Why do more work when you can get the community to do it for you? Right, Judge Academy?

6. New York City to Host Magic World Championship

The last World Championship held in New York City was in 2007 as Magic: The Gathering celebrated its 15th anniversary. 15 years later the pinnacle of premier play has yet to return to the Greatest City in the World and that is a travesty. The first Pro Tour was held in 1996, and we’re only four years away from its 30th anniversary. This list is mostly satirical except for this headline which I hope comes true for the Pro Tour’s upcoming birthday.

5. Wizards Announces Plans to Shutdown Magic: The Gathering Online

Back to the comedy. I’m somewhat shocked MTGO is still kicking it with Arena around. I want to assure you, reader, Magic Online will not be around forever.

4. Splinter Twin and Birthing Pod Un-Banned in Modern

Someone in R&D (or the new Modern Rules Committee) will finally rule that Thanos Was Right the decision to ban Splinter Twin and Birthing Pod was a mistake. Within three months of being un-banned both cards will be emergency banned again after dominating the top 8 of every single Modern event.

3. Artificial Intelligence wins Magic: The Gathering World Championship

Artificial intelligence can win, yes, but can it cheat?

2. Magic: The Gathering Cartoon Debuts as the Number One Show on Netflix Today

I mean, it’s probably gonna get canceled before it enters production but I like being optimistic.

1. Wizards Officially Ends their Reprint Policy, Announce Secret Lair: Black Lotus

When Hasbro decides they want to use Magic: The Gathering to literally print money, you’ll know.

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