Two of Magic’s most popular artists are getting their own Secret Lair drop.

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Wizards of the Coast revealed today that Kaja and Phil Foglio are in the process of creating a Secret Lair: Artist Series filled entirely with their work. The married couple began illustrating Magic cards in the game’s very first expansion set, Arabian Nights (1993), and last illustrated a card in the Darksteel (2004) expansion. Their art adorns over 100 cards from Magic’s history, many of which are among the most famous. (The original painting of Shahrazad, for example, recently sold at auction for $72,000.)

There weren’t many details provided about the upcoming Secret Lair, other than that it is expected to be released in 2022…though Wizards did share a preliminary sketch for one of the (unnamed) cards.

The sketch for an upcoming Secret Lair card by the Foglios.

Wizards debuted the Secret Lair: Artist Series with Artist Series: Seb McKinnon, which is currently available from the Secret Lair store. The Artist Series is emblematic of Secret Lair’s new focus on artists in that it allows the artist full discretion over the product. In McKinnon’s case, he chose four cards with which he could tell a story though his illustrations and a poem that spans the flavor text of three of the four cards.

The Foglios recently returned to the Magic community when they launched a Kickstarter earlier this year with Original Magic Art to produce playmats, prints, and other items featuring their Magic illustrations. The Kickstarter raised nearly $150,000.

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